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Joya Women's Healthcare Obstetrics & Gynecology - Portland, Oregon comfort & care


A great relationship between you and your gynecologist is vital to your health and your health care. Dr. Pearson is a board certified Ob/Gyn who is renowned in the Portland medical community for her expertise and care.

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Joya Women's Healthcare Obstetrics & Gynecology - Portland, Oregon Healthcare for women

Joya Obstetrics & Gynecology makes a great health partner for life!

At Joya Women's Healthcare of Portland, we manage a wide range of female disorders with the most advanced techniques and technologies. We will work with you on general wellness, contraception, and a host of disorders. Our goal is to be your healthcare partner for life. 

Keeping you at your best. 


Women of all ages can benefit from seeing their physician regularly. The goal is to prevent or manage problems early. A annual well woman exam is a good opportunity for you to discuss with your physician any problems or concerns you may have, whether they involve general health or gynecological issues. Dr. Pearson strives to provide you with the care and resources needed to resolve your concerns and avoid problems. We encourage you to work with your doctor on a regular basis to ensure your wellness and vibrancy!

Adolescent Care

Women’s healthcare should start early.  Whether a teenager is sexually active or not, there are still benefits to early gynecologic care in the teenage population.  Young women should feel comfortable and confident that they have a support system within their healthcare provider even before they need a provider.  At Joya, care of adolescents includes these common concerns: 

   -  Immunizations

   -  Menstruation issues

   -  Sexually transmitted disease testing

   -  Contraception

   -  Lifestyle counseling regarding sensitive issues like weight, sexuality, and substance use

Early Adulthood

Early adulthood is a challenging period for every woman.  Some women are entering child bearing and a new role in motherhood.  Other women want to forgo pregnancy for some period of time.  Regardless, this is the period when women are finding themselves and building their lives.  It is a time when a health care provider can can be a partner in creating that life.  At Joya, we treat women in early adulthood for these common concerns as well as more advanced issues: 

    -  Contraception

   -  Sexually transmitted disease testing

   -  Menstrual cycle concerns 

   -  Cervical cancer screening

   -  Cervical dysplasia management

The Established Woman

As women move into their 30’s and 40’s, they are again moving into a new phase of their lives.  Some women are having babies for the first time, other women are watching their children grow up and finally have time to notice changes in their own bodies. At Joya, we are here to ensure whatever these changes are, they are normal, manageable and do not hinder your life.  Common concerns in this age group include: 

   -  Contraception

   -  STD testing

   -  Menstrual cycle concerns

   -  Cervical cancer screening

   -  Cervical dysplasia management

   -  Breast cancer screening

Menopause & Beyond

Menopause is a natural process in the progression of life. It can occur naturally or by surgical intervention.  Many of the changes women experience through this time are difficult to talk about with others. At Joya, we possess a great deal of experience in caring for menopausal and peri-menopausal women. If you are entering or are in any phase of menopause, we encourage you to visit with Dr. Pearson who will provide you with information to understand the changes you are experiencing, as well as the treatment options available. Common concerns in menopausal women include: 

   -  Menopause

   -  Urinary incontinence issue

   -  Sexual issues 

   -  Vaccinations

   -  Breast cancer screening

   -  Cervical cancer screening

   -  Colon cancer screening




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