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Your Path to Healthy Weight Management Starts at Our Weight Management Clinic

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What Is Medical Weight Loss Portland?


Let us explain how it works. Dr. Tuesday prepares a plan for you. First, Dr. Tuesday will review your medical history. She will then give you a complete physical examination. She may also order tests to determine the cause of your weight gain. You may have difficulty losing weight due to hormonal imbalance, thyroid disease, genetics, age, lifestyle, or other reasons. Dr. Joya will learn more about these causes and develop a treatment plan for weight loss.


Dr. Tuesday develops your plan and will be with you every step of the way to help you make it happen. Moving forward, Dr. Tuesday will track your progress and adjust your treatment plan as needed. She will provide guidance on lifestyle changes and may recommend taking vitamin and mineral supplements, and possibly even hormonal supplements, as needed.

To learn more about weight loss and see if a treatment plan can help you, make an appointment online or by phone with Joya Women's Healthcare.

What Can You Expect At Joya Women's Healthcare?

First, you'll be warmly welcomed by our trained staff in our weight management clinic to make you feel comfortable and known. Second, you'll meet our weight management doctor to discuss your individual needs, lifestyle, and weight management goals after getting the necessary details from you, like your BMI, medical history, family history, and common causes for your weight gain. If need be, we'll prescribe you weight loss medication to give you additional support for your weight loss journey.

We Craft a Personalized Plan for You

Receiving professional assistance for behavior change can help you successfully achieve your goals. What really sets our weight management clinic in Portland apart is our unwavering commitment to stay with you throughout your weight loss journey. We constantly motivate and encourage you to continue walking a healthy path while helping wherever we can! You can get regular follow-ups and personalized coaching at our weight management clinic to get an evaluation of your progress!

Losing weight doesn't happen overnight; it's a long journey that promises the desired outcome if you have the right help by your side! Looking for weight management near me to shed a few extra pounds, want to get in good shape, overcome a medical condition, or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle? Our weight loss specialists have the perfect plan for you!

Managing a healthy weight not only reshapes your body but also prevents many health risks you're exposed to. At our weight management clinic, we get by your side with a personalized plan and a holistic approach. Our weight loss solutions include, but are not limited to, helping you achieve your desired weight goals through communal and medical assistance! 

To lose weight, being regular and paying attention to your diet is essential. You may have a disease affecting your ability to control your weight or need additional support. In this case, weight loss Portland Oregon, is the solution.

For people looking for weight loss clinics Portland Oregon, Joya Women’s Healthcare is an ideal source for you!


Our Premier Weight Loss Solutions

Our medical weight loss solutions are our expertise at Joya Women's Healthcare. We take pride in helping our dear patients lose extra pounds and restore their confidence with comprehensive weight loss services in Portland! Knowing that we have helped someone ease their life and transformed it into a healthier one really calls for confetti at our weight management clinic.


Here's how we can help you in your weight loss journey:


Weight Loss Programs

We get several patients on a daily basis struggling with obesity and overweight. They don't know where to begin from, so they seek help our weight loss management doctor. Therefore, we strategically craft a customized and personalized weight loss program for them to follow. Doing so helps them get directions and assistance for their diet, medication, exercise, and moderate lifestyle changes.

Medical Weight Management

We also come across people struggling to lose weight no matter how much they try due to some medical conditions. Even after following numerous diets, exercise plans, and whatnot, nothing seems to work for them. In that case, we prescribe them FDA-approval, authorized weight management pills to give them a much-needed boost in their journey. The reason why weight loss pills actually work is because they reduce your appetite, make you feel fuller quickly, burn more fat so there are fewer calories in your body, and control your food intake.

Nutrition Counseling

70% of your weight loss is dependent on your diet and the food you eat throughout the day. At Joya Women's Healthcare, we aim to direct you towards a nutrition-based diet so your body gets the energy to burn more calories and function optimally. Our registered dietitians will customize a meal plan for you that has balanced nutrients in your meals and a sustainable approach to eating. 

Fitness Routine

We can't emphasize enough the fact that you need to incorporate maximum physical activity in your routine in order to burn the calories and fat stored in your body. Even if you're limiting the number of calories you eat, what about the ones already residing in your body? Therefore, our core focus is to make sure you're giving time to your exercises. In fact, yoga and aerobics work best for women if they can't go out for brisk walking, swimming, or other cardio. Dedicated at least an hour from your day to physical fitness, you'll experience fast weight loss results.

Regular Follow-ups

Neither we quit nor we let you do it. You can visit our weight management clinic for weekly or monthly follow-ups and share your experience with us. If you're facing any obstacles during that time with your diet, exercise, or weight medicine, then discuss that with us. We'll definitely look into it and resolve your concerns. Also, we'll evaluate your progress so far and make amendments to your weight loss plan if need be.

When Should I Visit Your Weight Management Clinic for Weight Gain?

Are you not fitting in your regular pants anymore? Are you breathing more heavily than usual? You're gaining weight. It's not easy to identify weight gain because it happens gradually. If you're keeping track of your weight on a monthly basis and suddenly the chart seems off, there's something wrong with your weight. If you're not consciously making any efforts that could cause sudden weight gain, there could be many underlying causes behind it.

The right time to visit our weight management clinic in Portland is when you have tried multiple home remedies to lose weight, and nothing seems to help. Under normal conditions, eating right and exercising are usually enough to start reducing excess pounds. 

If that doesn't happen, you need to visit our weight management clinic ASAP. Dr. Tuesday has been practicing medicines for decades, and she knows how to deal with overweight and obesity. Not only has she helped numerous clients lose extra pounds, but she has also transformed their lives positively. 

Additionally, being overweight can lead to many diseases, such as asthma, depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Therefore, the faster you lose weight, the faster you reduce your risk of contracting these diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do women gain weight due to hormones?

Hormonal weight gain is common in women when the estrogen in their body promotes the storage of fat for healthy reproductive years. When estrogen is out of balance, fat can cause women to give birth and cause women to gain weight. However, too little or too much estrogen often causes hormonal weight gain.

2. ​What's the importance of weight loss in Portland Oregon's lifestyle?

Portland's diverse culture and outdoor opportunities demand healthier weight management. Therefore, people here are really concerned about their weight loss in Portland to enjoy an active lifestyle.

3. How to lose weight in a week?

Whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, bread and pasta, chicken, beef, fish, and low-fat foods should replace foods high in sugar. Reduce your sodium intake to reduce water retention. This means you should avoid salt. You can replace the dish with other herbs and spices. Before following any regime, we suggest making an appointment in our Portland weight loss clinic. Our specialist will review your medical history and BMI and then guide you to a sensible and quick way of medical weight loss.

4. What is the best way to achieve medical weight loss?

To stay consistent and not rely solely on medical weight management. If you're taking the medication without balancing your diet, working out, or making moderate life changes, these pills won't make any difference. It's a part of your whole weight loss program, not a one-man show. If you want to achieve the desired outcome, follow it with other necessary changes to your life.

Ready To Transform Your Health? Contact Us Today

For people searching for weight loss management near me, bingo! You’ve finally found the right one. We want you to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. Visit Joya Women's Healthcare to initiate your sustainable weight management journey with professional help from our weight loss expert Portland!

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