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Your growing baby is totally dependent upon you during its first few months of life. What you eat, drink and inhale is crucial to your baby's overall growth and well being. So is sleep and exercise. Of course, genetics plays a big role, too. Joya offers a wealth of information and testing to help determine and create optimal mother/baby health.

                              STAGES OF PREGNANCY



The healthiest pregnancy starts with a healthy you.  Even when you are just beginning to look ahead to becoming pregnant, we can help you with valuable counseling regarding weight, nutrition, medications and even infertility issues.  You can count on your obstetrician to carry you through every important stage of your pregnancy.


Prenatal Care


Pregnancy is at once one of the most fantastic and one of the most terrifying times in a woman's life.  Most women have many concerns about what is happening in their body, what is safe for their baby, and how to prepare for motherhood.  Even those women who have done it all before will often find that every pregnancy is different.  A Joya Women's Healthcare we want to be a part of that exciting journey with you.  We view ourselves not only as physicians but as educators and facilitators.

We all desire a healthy and happy pregnancy.  However, at Joya prental care is designed to reinforce the health of that pregnancy with an individual approach.  We offer a level of prenatal care equal to the needs of the pregnancy.  For those patient's with higher risk pregnan

cies we are your partner in controlling those risks.  We provide both medical and emotional support through the entirety of the pregnancy and on to delivery.  Whatever your goal for your pregnancy we can help you achieve it.

Postpartum Care


You have a new baby and new responsibilities but you can't forget to take care of yourself in the postpartum period.  This is a period of immense change in your body and big decisions in your life.  Let us be your partner in navigating through these challenges so that you can better enjoy your time with your bundle of joy!

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