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Portion Control for Weight Loss: A Key to Weight Loss Success

Unless we think about setting weight loss goals, we don't really care what and how much we're eating. We often tend to finish whatever is on our plate or laid out in front of us. Not a single grain left. For us, it's about filling our stomachs to the fullest with our favorite food, but for our health, it's a hazard.

We don't even realize how much wrong we're doing to our bodies by eating an excessive amount of food. More than what our body needs.

Overeating can stem from boredom or extreme emotions like euphoria or deep sorrow. It can also occur when there are too many food items to select from, and everything is to your liking. Taking all these factors into consideration, controlling our portion sizes becomes imperative.

Eating enough food, but not too much, can prevent and control the onset of many diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, etc.

Here are the overall benefits of portion control and why is portion control important:

You Save Money

Just imagine how much money you can save on food when you reduce your portion sizes. For example, right now, when you go to do groceries, you get more ingredients because of preparing huge portions for your meals. After you do portion control for weight loss, you would only buy limited items that you need to prepare a sufficient amount of food.

Second, when you go to restaurants, you don't have to order for 2 people and eat it all alone because of your huge appetite. Due to the reduced portion exercise, you can only order as much as your body actually needs to function optimally.

In some cases, you will try to balance food and taste and save money in your store. We don't even need to tell you how much you'll save by cooking your meals!

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

For any individual who decides to attempt medically supervised weight loss, the very first thing on their list should be to reduce your portion sizes. You should only need what your body needs; everything else is excess.

When you do portion control for weight loss, it means that you supply all the essential elements to your body without having to exceed your daily calorie intake. Not to forget, when your body is full of vital nutrients, it won't allow your stomach to get any cravings for unhealthy junk, which you shouldn't be having in order to lose weight. It's a win-win situation!

It Improves Your Digestive System

Your immune system doesn't need to work hard when you're not throwing in an excess amount of food inside. When you're limiting your food intake during every meal, you're actually helping your digestive system to work normally and transfer the good food to the whole body. According to a recent study, portion control in weight management is incredibly effective because it helps reduce some of the common digestive problems. Individuals who have controlled their portion sizes do not experience stomach aches, cramps, diarrhea, and excess weight gain. All of this becomes possible because you are helping your digestive system to function better without overdoing it.

No More Binge Eating!

Eating an excess amount of food is called binge eating, which we often enjoy without realizing the harm it is doing to our bodies. People who are already overweight and obese sometimes are under a lot of stress due to their weight, which is why they indulge in binge-eating disorder just to console themselves. That has to stop now if you're taking your weight seriously. Patients often come to our weight loss Portland because of their weight issues, and the first thing we recommend to them is the control of appetite. We also recommend weight loss medication if need be. By controlling the portions of your food, you'll only eat what you need to function properly. Often, overeating leads to overeating. When you control the dimensions, your stomach will shrink, which will help reduce the need for food. If you have a habit of overeating, this will gradually eliminate your overeating habit.

Tips for Successful Portion Control

If you don't know where to start, here are a few tips that are proven to be very helpful for reducing the portions of your meals:

Measure Your Food:

While it may sound funny and weird, it's actually really helpful. Keep a count and measurement of every ingredient that goes into cooking your food so you can track the number of calories you're eating. By doing this, you have full control of how much food should go into your body without exceeding the calories.

Eat in Small Plates:

Again, it might sound unrealistic, but extremely effective. Eating in small plates makes your brain think that it's enough for one meal. This also gives you the realization that you can eat the same quantity again after some time once it's digested. Try to cook on regular plates and small plates. If you use the latter, the food you eat will appear larger, and thus, you will feel full faster. This is a small but effective exercise that is good for your stomach.

Serve Meals Separately:

A key benefit of serving food in separately in family dining is controlling your desire to eat from a big plate. When you see so much food on one single plate, you are unable to measure the amount of food you're personally eating and how many calories you have eaten. Therefore, even when you go out to eat with people at restaurants or have a big gathering at home, take your food separately on your plate as you'd do it when alone.

Add More Vegetables:

There's no debate that vegetables are incredibly helpful in losing weight. In fact, the secret to portion control for weight loss is to include more salads in your meals. Suppose you're eating a healthy and heavy breakfast in the morning, so you can eat salad at lunch and prepare your appetite for a healthy dinner later. Eating a fresh salad before your main meal will help you eat less and improve your control. Similarly, adding vegetables to your sandwich will make you feel full faster without burning more calories.


What is the most important key to a successful weight loss program?

Be active, stay active. Although you don't need to exercise to lose weight, regular physical activity combined with calorie restriction can help you lose weight effectively. Exercise can help burn excess calories that cannot be reduced by diet alone.

Does planning meals in advance helps to control portions?

Planning your meals can give you insight into how much you eat. This can also prevent you from overeating at restaurants, which often serve more than you need.

Does PCOS medication for weight loss really work?

The answer is Yes. Medications used for weight loss in other circumstances may also be beneficial for people with PCOS and obesity. Although it depends on the condition of an individual, To get an accurate answer to this query, you must visit Dr. Joya's weight management clinic for weight loss in Portland Oregon. We can guide you in detail.

How soon can we see portion control weight loss results?

As you can see, the sustainable weight loss process can be very different from person to person and from time to time. However, most people who start a diet by reducing some calories each day will see results within one to two weeks, even if it's just weight loss.

Visit Dr. Joya Women’s Healthcare for Sustainable Weight Management

Overeating is a common tendency today. You try to console yourself with different reasons that, according to you, justify overeating frequently without realizing the amount of weight you're gaining. Doing it more than often not only contributes to abnormal weight gain but also adds to your health concerns. Take diabetes, for example. Portion control is the first thing you need for a sustainable weight management and fitness journey.

We hope this blog helped you learn about the importance and benefits of portion control for weight loss. We’ll come up with new and interesting more facts for losing weight with the help of Dr. Joya Women’s Healthcare.

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