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From Bump to Baby: Navigating the Path of Obstetrics and Childbirth

The whole maternity journey from bump to baby includes millions of things that we won't be able to cover in a single blog so today we'll focus on pregnancy and childbirth which is usually the common area of research for many women. It all ends with a painful yet beautiful childbirth experience

Pregnancy is the most crucial time of your life when you'll need the support of your close ones like your husband, family, and friends. Actually, more than them, it's your OBGYN whom you need to be in constant contact with. You should discuss everything regarding your health, and you can ask millions of questions regarding pregnancy and childbirth; they won't mind. If you're reading this blog from Portland, then contact Dr. Joya, who is the best OBGYN in Oregon.

Disclaimer: You must understand that every pregnancy is unique and comes with its own challenges. This blog is meant to provide general information regarding obstetrics and childbirth.

The Journey of a Mother

Becoming a mother is a whole transformation from a woman to a mother. It sounds simple but there's a whole journey that only a woman can understand. It starts with establishing that you're pregnant, excited, and nervous at the same time. In the first trimester, you'll go through physical, emotional, mental, and psychological changes where she embraces a new phase of her life.

As time passes on, your body adapts to the changes and feels the little baby's journey growing inside her. She starts to deeply bond with her unborn child and experience its first movements.

The journey then reaches the third trimester when you're mentally and physically prepared to meet your little one and hold them in your arms. It finally answers all your anticipation for coming across this miraculous moment.

After you've given birth, the journey of your motherhood starts where you care and nurture your child. Now, you prioritize their health, education, and future before yours.

Things to Know About Pregnancy for First-Time Moms

So, you're becoming a mom for the first time. Congratulations! The experience of becoming a first-time mom can be overwhelming. Therefore, here are several things that you should consider about:

  1. Take prenatal checkups seriously, please! There's nothing more important in your pregnancy than regular checkups with your OBGYN to make sure everything is going smoothly with your pregnancy.

  2. You have to put your junk food cravings or habits on pause for at least a few months because, currently, your body is in dire need of essential nutrients. Take a balanced diet during your pregnancy, which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein, and whole grains.

  3. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to maintain amniotic fluid in your body which will help you with digestion and prevent dehydration.

  4. Pregnancy makes women couch potatoes because you're carrying a whole other human inside you and there's a lot going on already. But physical activities during pregnancy are incredibly important for your overall well-being.

  5. Do your research. Even though you can ask thousands of questions from your healthcare professionals there are still a thousand other things you have no idea about. Therefore, whenever you have leisure time, you must read about pregnancy and birth preparation. It will mentally prepare you for what's happening.

  6. Your inner organs are pulling all their strength into growing a baby inside your uterus which requires energy. So, get plenty of sleep to get the much-needed energy and activity.

  7. Morning sicknesses like vomiting and nausea are very common during pregnancy so if that happens to you, do not panic. Also, weight gain is an obvious and normal part of pregnancy.

  8. Due to swift fluctuation in your hormones, you'd have frequent mood swings and emotional changes which can be better if you talk to your loved ones.

  9. Discuss your maternity leaves with your employers ahead of time so there's no complication in the end.

  10. Consider making a birth plan outlining your labor and delivery preferences. Be adaptable since the childbirth experience might be unpredictable.

Do Babies Move During Labor?

Yes, the movements of babies during labor are completely normal and part of childbirth. Before the actual labor, the baby's head pushes itself down into the mother's pelvis, also known as 'lightning.' This is exactly why women experience extreme push and pain in their pelvis because the baby is making movements.

As the labor process moves forward, the baby keeps pushing its way toward the birth canal and might also rotate to find the right position. You are most likely to experience intense pain, also known as contractions, near your vagina due to this activity.

How Hard Is Pregnancy?

There are no exact words to describe the difficulties of pregnancy because it involves many different types of things. Only a woman is capable of bearing this whole experience because it comes with extreme pain, aches in different body parts, unpredicted symptoms, hormonal changes, and poor mental wellness. Some of the common health effects of pregnancy are constipation, gas, uncontrolled bladder, back pain, swollen ankles, acid reflux, and so on. All this becomes worthwhile when you finally meet the child who grew inside you.


What is a normal birth called?

A normal birth, also known as spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD) is when the pregnant woman delivers naturally through vagina without the drugs or other induced labor.

What are the two types of delivery?

Two types of deliveries include vaginal delivery and c-section (cesarean birth). There's one more type called: VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).

What is the pathway of the baby at birth?

Your baby must travel through your pelvic bones to reach the vaginal opening during labor and delivery. The objective is to discover the simplest route out. Certain body positions shrink the baby, making it easier for your kid to travel through this narrow passage.

What is Braxton hick?

Braxton Hicks contractions, also called 'false labor', are when women experience minor episodes of labor pain but their water hasn't been broken yet. These are only the signs that your uterine muscles are relaxing.

The Bottom Line

The whole journey from bump to baby is the most beautiful period of a woman's life which comes with a rollercoaster of emotions and physical challenges, especially the childbirth experience. A woman is already a mother from the moment she finds out she's pregnant. After successfully passing through the nine months of pregnancy and intense labor, the mother finally gets to hold her little baby and embrace motherhood. We can't deny the fact it's pure love, strength, courage, and empathy that only a woman can have. This blog was meant to introduce you to the unfolding chapters of obstetrics and childbirth that many women are unaware of. For first-time moms, we hope this blog helps you find some valuable insights.

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