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Choosing a Gynecologist: Things to Look For


When women age and start experiencing changes or issues in their reproductive system, they consult with a gynecologist. You find a gynecologist for issues like excessive bleeding, intense cramps, hormonal imbalance, etc.. Not only for health problems, but women should also visit gynecologists for regular checkups, especially if they want to get pregnant.

According to the study by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, girls from the ages 13 - to 15 should visit a gynecologist for the first time. If you haven't already visited once, it's time to do it now.

How to Find a Gynecologist

It's important to find a gynecologist you're comfortable with because you'd be discussing your intimate and personal health with them. To help you find one, here are a few things you should consider:

Identify Your Needs and Preferences

We did mention getting regular checkups from a gynecologist, but before diving into the whole process, understand your needs first,

For those who don't know this already, gynecologists specialize in particular areas like obstetrics, infertility, menopause, or reproductive endocrinology. So, know your needs first before looking for the best gynecologist.

Highly Recommended

If you haven't had a chance to visit the gynecologist before, how would you know if they're good? People's recommendation! The best way to analyze a gynecologist is to know how many people have previously trusted her and what they say about them. You can check the recommendations online or from your female friends, family, relatives, etc. You can also inquire about their skills, experience, and communication skills.

Check Reviews First

Once you've gotten the recommendations of a few good gynecologists, you must check for their reviews online. There are several websites online for checking doctor-rating, like,, and The reviews published here are all real, given by the patients based on different factors:

  • Scheduling Appointments

  • Staff Friendliness

  • Clinic Environment

  • Sensible Wait Time

  • Trust

You'll see a detailed list of patients' starred ratings and comments. Don't expect all the positive reviews only, as there might be negative ones, too, but that's okay. It can't be the same experience for every patient, so select wisely.

Assess Competence and Communication

If you want your pregnancy period to go smoothly, prioritize strong communication in the doctor-patient relationship. It will boost your confidence in sharing anything and everything with your doctor. Consider these few factors for evaluation:

  • Assess if your gynecologist listens to your details and pays actual attention to your concerns. They should also explain the medical terms related to pregnancy, which you're unaware of. Also, all your healthcare decisions should be taken mutually instead of imposing them on you.

  • Trust your instincts and ensure you feel comfortable discussing personal and sensitive issues with your gynecologist.

  • Please inquire about the gynecologist's schedule for making appointments, handling emergencies, and their availability for communication outside of regular clinic hours. Ensure that you are confident in their ability to provide support and prioritize your needs.

Consider Amenities and Support Services

Since you'd be visiting the hospital or their clinic often, it's better to learn about the amenities and support you'd be getting there.

  • Before visiting the place, check out the environment and ambiance online to learn more about how it looks. The space should be, of course, welcoming.

  • Inquire about any extra services offered by the clinic, such as ultrasound, mammography, or lab tests. It might be advantageous to have all of your services under one roof.

  • Not only gynecologist but also their support staff is friendly and professional because it widely impacts your overall experience. In some cases, you'd be in frequent contact with them. The sociable and knowledgeable staff can put you at ease during your visits.

Give Priority to Gynecologist’s Experience

God forbid, but if your pregnancy gets complicated or you come across a complex health problem, then only an experienced gynecologist will ease your problems. As we all know, experience matters when it comes to complicated conditions and procedures, the better outcome you can anticipate.

For those who don't know, Ob/Gyns focus on obstetrics, and some focus exclusively on gynecology. If you're looking for the best obgyn near me for pregnancy, you can find many experienced ob/gyns online.

You Should Be Comfortable with Them

This doctor will do your gynecologic exam and ask sensitive questions regarding your reproductive health. You must be at ease with this individual for the relationship to function.

While there are male and female gynecologists, most women are comfortable seeing a gynecologist of the same gender. Also, the factors of religion and culture come as a significant aspect when you select the gender of your gynecologist. Since you have to ask sensitive and personal questions regarding your reproductive health, it's better to find an obgyn you're most comfortable with.

They Accept Insurance

Don't we all depend on our insurance to cover the cost of our medical problems, especially our pregnancy? What if a good female gynecologist near me refuses to accept insurance, and I have to pay out-of-pocket for care, which can be super costly? It's better to ask prior to your visit if they'd accept insurance. Otherwise, it's already a waste of time. Before beginning your search, check with your insurance provider to determine which gynecologists in your region are in your network.

They Shouldn't Judge You

Well, many women decide not to have kids for a long time or even forever. Similarly, some decide to stay on birth control to avoid pregnancy until they're ready. Therefore, looking for a gynecologist should include support for you instead of judging.


Do I need to shave before the gynecologist?

Not really. Your gynecologist has probably seen it all, and you won't be the first one going to your appointment with hair, so don't worry. If you're worried about your doctor looking down on you, you can relax because they don't care about it. Also, pubic hair isn't a concern for health or hygiene.

Should I be honest with my gynecologist?

Your gynecologist appointment will include discussions about some extremely intimate matters (sexual activity, birth control, pregnancy, drug and alcohol usage). It is critical that you feel comfortable telling your doctor everything.

What is a gynecological check-up?

Every woman should get their checkups done annually by their gynecologist as it can early detect any disease or several health problems.

Can a gynecologist check you on your period?

Yes, you can go to your gynecologist on your period as they can still examine you. It's okay if you don't wish to go during heavy vaginal bleeding on the first and second days but rest assured, period won't be an interference between your checkup.


Your gynecologist is the caretaker of your reproductive system, and finding one to the best of your liking is extremely important. It's like staying connected to one of your family members and discussing everything during your pregnancy. We always recommend looking for the qualities of a doctor as your health is dependent on them. Therefore, to find a gynecologist, get recommendations, check reviews online, discuss your health with them, and stay connected.

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