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You don't have to live with vaginal dryness, pain or discomfort.

The MonaLisa Touch Treatment is a fractional CO2 laser for gynecologic use that delivers energy to tissue. The MonaLisa Touch is a respected and convenient laser procedure performed in the comfort of our Joya exam rooms. It takes less than 5 minutes to deliver gentle energy to the targeted area. There is no downtime and our patients are calling the procedure “Game-Changing”.


Experience this fast, non-surgical in office-procedure that can help reverse the pain, discomfort and dryness after menopause. A single MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment can quickly let you enjoy again all that you've been missing.

Find out more about MonaLisa Touch at Dr. Larsen's website, entirely devoted to the treatment and it's benefits. You will find the most frequently asked questions about the procedure, including her costs and insurance.

Dr. Larsen is currently offering a FREE Consultation for the MonaLisa Touch. You may call or contact Joya directly, or fill out an appointment request online here.

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