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BOTOX® is a bacterial toxin that paralyzes muscle tissue.  In small doses it can be used to safely and effectively relax the muscles into which it is injected, temporarily diminishing or eliminating their contraction.  In aesthetic medicine, BOTOX® is often used to improve “dynamic” wrinkles- meaning those wrinkles that are caused by the facial expressions we make whether smiling, frowning, scowling or raising our eye brows.   In these areas of the face, contraction of the facial muscles under the skin causes a repetitive creasing of the overlying skin.  When we are younger, these lines occur only with expression.  However, over the years, there is a quicker breakdown of the collagen in these mobile areas and the lines begin to persist at rest.  These “dynamic” wrinkles will deepen with age and often create a wrinkle that just won't go away
Areas commonly  treated with Botox® include:


  •  Frown lines between the eyebrows

  • “Crow’s feet” wrinkles on the sides of the eyes

  • “Bunny lines” on the top of the nose

  • Wrinkles on the forehead


Creating the right amount of relaxation so that the patient remains attractively expressive, while minimizing the formation of these wrinkles is a part of the art and skill involved in using this product and the reason that having a physician administer the toxin is wise.

By treating the muscles causing the wrinkles with neuromodulators, relaxation and diminishment or complete effacement of the wrinkle results. The overlying skin looks smoother, tighter and younger.  If done correctly, most people feel that they still look like themselves, but “more relaxed.”


Treatments are very simple to perform and usually take less than five minutes per facial area.  Using a tiny micro-needle, BOTOX® is injected very precisely into the select facial muscles, according to the individual patient’s goals and examination.

Because the needle used for the injection is very thin, no sedation or local anesthetic is necessary.  Comfort can be enhanced by applying a topical anesthetic or an ice pack a few minutes before the injection.  There is no “downtime” associated with these injections and patients often return to work the very same day that they are performed.

The results are usually noticeable about 3 days following the procedure and reach their maximum effect within seven days of the original injections.  Although results vary, most individuals can expect significant wrinkle reduction for about three months following the injection of Botox®. To maintain the desired wrinkle reduction effects, treatments can and should be repeated about every three to four months.  The result tends to be longer lasting with subsequent treatments.

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